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Canadian Oilsands Fitness & Wellness ProgramWe believe that every part of life gets better when you are healthy, fit, and happy! Our mission is to help as many people as possible experience this feeling. Camp life is often TOUGH. People work long hours, are away from family and friends, rates of depression and loneliness are high, and in these situations, risk of injury or illness is MUCH higher.


Our professional health and wellness services keep each person at your camp healthy, engaged, productive, and safe. It’s time to think beyond the typical camp gym. Let FRESH! provide the interactive instruction, information, and expertise needed to put your operation at the top of every worker’s wish list! Camp life is changing. Are you keeping up?

Canadian Oilsands Fitness Centre Design & Management


Here are just a few of the ways we accomplish this goal with our clients…

    • On-site professional health, fitness, and wellness coaches
    • Health and wellness surveys, monitoring and data analysis of on-site employees
    • Targeted programs for fitness, nutrition, healthy living, recreation, and FUN!
    • On-site registered massage therapy
    • Coordination with HR, hospitality, kitchen, and site staff to evaluate and improve site wide health and wellness initiatives


Remember, health and wellness is more than having a gym on site, or posting Canada’s Food Guide! It’s about engaging everyone on site in the promotion of healthy, active living. At FRESH!, this is what we live to do! And…we want to do it for your remote sites!


Contact us to find out how we can make your sites healthier, safer, and more productive!


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